Dear Letter I Should Have Written On May 28th:

You were a victim of spontaneity. Well, first of procrastination, because I kept saying that I would write you later in the evening, but I ended up spending my evening completely differently than I had planned.

I thought that I would spend an evening puttering around my apartment doing the various things that I’d been thinking about doing all day at work: cleaning, sorting out the things I should sell or donate, writing. Instead I found myself getting on my bike and riding to Lost Souls, fully intent on only staying for an hour or so.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. An invitation to go see my friends’ music studio in North Hollywood was just too enticing to pass up, especially since it was their last night in the place. I’m sure the fact that I recently became interested in learning how to drum also came into play. I hesitated about going because I knew that I would end up missing my letter for the day, but then I realized that something must have brought me to Lost Souls on this particular night and made me stay longer than I’d planned, and that I should follow those signs, even if it meant disrupting the routine.

We were at the studio for two hours, and I made music with people for the first time in my life, banging on those drums, strumming the bass, without really knowing what I was doing. I just tried my best not to sound… bad. I’m lucky to have such nurturing friends who will let me futz around with them like that.

It was a great night, well worth breaking my perfect letter-a-day record.