Dear Reader:

Today, at a red light while biking home from work, I took a moment to really look at everything around me. South Downtown Los Angeles isn’t much to look at on the surface: the urban decay that people talk about is evident, it can feel a little desolate, and it’s sometimes sad to see this place that no one seems to think about other than the people, like me, who live here, or work here, or go to school here.

Standing there, I took in everything, absorbed the asphalt, the graffiti, the orange glow of the sun making its descent, the world suddenly became incredibly vivid. It felt like everything was brighter. It felt like I had just let something in. I get these moments every once in a while, when I loosen something inside me and let myself feel, and be in the present. I am addicted to moments like that.

I hope you experience them, too.

Peace & love,