Dear Letters:

These last two weeks seem like they are going to be excruciating. When I first began this session, it was so exciting to keep thinking of new letters, to think about who and what I would like to write to, but now I feel like there are walls closing in on me.

I’ve discovered that there is too much to say and there are too many things that cannot be said. It’s twisting my concentration. I’m tangled in the words.

That’s the terrible part about being a writer– having to divide reality from art. It is inevitable that writing shows glimpses of autobiography, but there must be some degree of control. Then again, the whole point of these letters (for me at least) is to explore personal truths. Tough, this.


2 thoughts on “Dear Letters:

  1. you should write and not care about who’s reading. i figure that many people aren’t reading anyways…and as long as you use pseudonyms, it should be all good.

    you should just totally not care and write whatever you feel.

  2. for me, not saying it works like this for everyone, but for me, it’s good to draw from real emotion, the raw and pure unfiltered alphas, but to express it in a controlled, creative, and responsible way. to me, that’s the difference between real writing and blogging. and i hate blogging. so yes, the training we are all going through is to develop that combination of raw emotion and mathematical expression. then again, i could be wrong. i figure that’s part of the larger process anyways. cheers.

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