Dear Insects/Spiders:

Please. Stop stinging/biting me.

I have no real idea where you’re coming from, whether it’s from eating lunch outside at work or maybe you’re lurking somewhere in my apartment– I don’t care. I just want you to stop. I don’t understand why I’m the only one of my coworkers being bitten. Is it all the caffeine and sugar and nicotine I consume? Maybe you are addicted to my blood because of all the different chemicals running through it.

I scheduled an appointment to see a doctor about these, but the soonest one I could get is for next Thursday, and it’s not even with the person who is supposed to be my Primary Care Physician (sigh, hooray for HMOs). I’m hoping these giant, alarming swellings will be gone long before then. Insurance is a funny thing. I’ve already paid over six hundred dollars to the insurance company and this will be my first appointment. I feel like this might be something worth going to urgent care about, but my co-pay for emergency care is $250 and I feel silly going in for insect stings, even giant, scary, tingling ones like these.

It seems like healthcare shouldn’t be such a complicated thing. The government is so concerned about people using health insurance to pay for healthcare that they don’t seem to actually think about actually providing access to people. Shouldn’t it be as easy as walking up to a clinic, needing help, and getting it? It’s upsetting that it isn’t that simple, that health care is not at all affordable unless you have insurance, and even then, it still isn’t.

Big questions not meant for little creatures. Just stop biting me.