is anybody listening?

Read the question, then answer
A, B, or C,
if you have no idea, just
use our patented guessing strategy–
But remember
you’re only penalized for a wrong answer,
nothing bad happens if you choose nothing.

See, you have the safety of not trying
in order to avoid losing that quarter point,
no need to take a risk, just skip it.”

Why are we teaching to tests
that penalize guessing,
and distill knowledge
into a number?

Shouldn’t we
be spending less time
teaching for testing and
more time

It all makes sense
from a political perspective
because great test-takers
are easier to handle
than great thinkers.

2 thoughts on “test

  1. Great piece, and ohhhh so true! Thank goodness, I went to school in an age where if you didn’t know it, you at least got something for guessing (even if it was a frowny face sticker :( )

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