I love the way that words
can connect two minds,
leave a vast canvas of thoughts
exposed for each to explore,
but there are times
when I just
want more.

Sometimes I do not want
an email or text message,
a comment or an IM–
there are times
when I want the sound
of a voice,
the connection between
auditory and vocal organs
producing sounds,
translating words
into music.

3 thoughts on “voice

  1. mmmm.

    i will also tell you this in person so it’s less ironic that i’m leaving this in a comment.

  2. hi- i think you are an amazing writer…
    i really enjoy reading your poetry; there is much depth and thought to the simplicity of your writing… i could comment on just about every poem!

    if you dont mind i am subscribing to your blog… btw, i am in the process of joining the undeniables’ next session (starting in sept), but i have already started posting some of my own pieces on here… please take a look~! my page is dreamsoflucidity.wordpress. hope 2 join u all soon on undeniables.org

  3. hey girl i feel you on this one… words are so powerful and can be interperated in so many ways. It was cool meeting you last tuesday also… hoepfully next time we can exchange more vocally on some levels…however…. sometimes i feel like i express myself better in written langauge…anywho … keep writing… i like your stuff

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