Who was I to chase you?

Would we be here if it were easy?

Would this be if we were not
teased by the collision of circum- and
happen-stance luring us in,
dimming our judgment,
brightening our vision,

if we had not seen
in the moment of our meeting
a bright spark of recognition
burning into us that
irrevocable “yes,
this is what I have been looking for,”
that undeniable “yes,
this is what I have needed,”

and here we are
tossed in constant
conflict between
what is
what isn’t
what will not be
what can not be.

And here I am
small, untame me
trying not to wonder.

2 thoughts on “stance

  1. Love this one. I want to relate it to the workshop, but that would only apply to me and far from the context of this piece. unless I’m mistaken. I really need to read more poetry.

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