back door

As the crowded bus came to a stop, a muffled voice called out “Back door!” The older woman’s voice barely carried from the rear of the bus to the middle, and it surely didn’t make it to the driver’s ears. A few other voices from the back echoed hers, but they only made it as far as the middle. Everyone turned their heads to look toward the back to see if the door had been opened though the same voices kept calling out. The reticulated bus pulled past the stop and another before the voice stopped calling out and gave up. No one nearer the front of the bus had said a word.

Camille, who was sitting just head of the middle of the bus, turned to her friend and complained, “Man, people are so into themselves, they just turned to look around when someone obviously needed help.”


“That lady– she was yelling ‘back door’ and all the people around us just stood around.”

“Yeah, that sucks that nobody helped her out.”

“People just don’t really care about other people, I guess. Terrible. Someone really should have said something.”

“Oh well,” Camille sighed, and moved onto another brilliant observation of other people’s shortcomings.