about LA

What I learned about Los Angeles in the last two years:

Many, many people here
believe that the presence of Hollywood
gives them free reign to make
broad statements about how
everyone here is fake–
and they believe that
repeating this cliche about LA
proves that they
are an exception.

To them, I say that
if you’ve found so little to love here,
and the most you can say to a visitor
about the place you’ve made your home
is “You can’t beat the weather,”
well, I wouldn’t be so quick
to brand a whole city superficial.

If you think you are
an exception to the stereotype,
prove it– because it’s hard to find
what you’re not looking for
and if you haven’t found
something more to LA,
then you haven’t been looking.

7 thoughts on “about LA

  1. lol This brings to mind a time I hosted some friends from the East Coast — two were visiting two of their East Coast transplanted friends. First of all, they lived on the Westside. Second, they didn’t get out beyond that. Third, they were all privileged Ivy League folks. They all dressed in black. They kept complaining about their being “no culture.” And then always ended, “But the weather is so nice here.” I wanted to tell them all to go the fuck back to the other coast (hee…out of respect for my friend, I refrained, but did tell her they were terribly presumptious later on). So this…

    and if you haven’t found
    something more to LA,
    then you haven’t been looking.

    …is totally spot on!


  2. i left LA in 1971. leaving behind all of my friends and family (who all bet on my move to nor.cal.–the odds being that i’d return in four to six months)…
    and here i remain, even further north than my beloved, yet unaffordable (anymore) san francisco…i am ashamed to say that as a defector, i was once that person…now i find myself sighing over venice memories and terrified to return for a visit because of the ch ch ch ch changes…someday, someday…after all, it seems that all of the sessioneers are plopped down in that neck of the woods…perhaps a visit someday is in order…fondly, L

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