secret rendezvous

Rodrigo caught my eye during the church service. I fidgeted in my stiff, pressed clothes and turned to check whether my mother had seen the look. She was busy fixing my brother’s tie and collar. I turned back to him and gave him a small nod.

He cocked his head slightly, a gesture which I knew meant meet him behind the church afterward. I gulped and gave another small nod, my eyes lowered. I could feel his smile from across the room.

My mother nudged me roughly and I turned my head upward toward the pulpit. I spent the next half hour fidgeting in my seat, orchestrating my plan to disappear, deciding what I would tell my mother when I got home later that afternoon.

I slipped away while my mother talked to one of her friends, her hand firmly grasping my little brother’s. Rodrigo was waiting there, as planned. There was a devilish smile on his face. I grinned back.

He tossed the soccer ball in the air and bounced it lightly to me with his head. I stopped it with my chest and let it land down on the ground. I began to dribble it toward the empty field, Rodrigo right behind me. The other boys were waiting.

My mother would have been so upset if she knew.


  1. I had expected a cutesy twist but feel slightly let down from it. Sure, I didn’t expect them to have sex, but the last thing on my mind was soccer. Maybe that was your intent. I realize you never even said if this is a boy or a girl, I had just assumed. It would seem the character is just such a product of his strict upbringing that even playing soccer is breaking all the rules.

  2. Totally unexpected. Was thinking it was two mischievous teens/preteens sneaking away to make out or something like that, but I really liked that it ended up being something like… soccer. It makes the reader wonder why the main character would have to hide that, which could lead into a very interesting follow up story of why the mother doesn’t like soccer or doesn’t allow her children to partake in such an activity. Very realistic, especially the non-verbal communication between Rodrigo and the main character and hiding it from the mom. Well done.

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