dear muse

feel free
to put me
on speed dial

call on me
at any and all
hours of the
day and night

interrupt me
while I brush my
teeth in the morning,
make me run for
my notebook, mouth
still full of toothpaste

wake me in a
cold sweat in the
middle of the night,
make me reach for
the lamp and a pen,
scribble lines
while half-blind

if you happen to
catch me while
I’m driving, it’s
okay, I’ll hold onto
you and furiously
write at the next
stop light.

dear muse,

come for a visit
kiss these fingers
with inspiration

you are welcome
any time.

4 thoughts on “dear muse

  1. I love the “i’ll drop anything for you” tone of this poem. What a perfect way to convey how important something (or someone) is to you.

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