S. C.

There is
something in your
face that strikes me:

your bone structure
reminds me so much
of my grandmother.

You look like
a much younger
version of her

the hollows in
your cheeks deep,

your stance strong,

your voice always
on the edge of a shout.

You were
larger than life
on that stage
at Ground Zero

(the scent of coffee
mixing with privilege)

then, when I
stood before you later

sadly holding my
last two dollars

not enough
for your five-dollar

you gave it to me
anyway (asking me
my name and
autographing it
without my asking)

I’ll admit
that I swooned
just a bit.

I like to think
that if my grandmother
had had the chance
to be a poet

she would have been
much like you.

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  1. I don’t know what SC really stands for but in case it’s for who it stands for in my mind Staceyann Chin OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE HER! I’m waiting for an event of hers to be around the time when I’m not in school. You’re really lucky if you got to see her live and meet her she’s amazing!

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