earth: change, 3

The earth’s quakes, eruptions,
lightning bolts, tornadoes,
hurricanes, forest fires

were our first examples
of mass destruction,

our first encounter with
the way the world
can burn, can flood, can crumble.

We learned the
lessons well.

We’ve learned to
build buildings that can
withstand some of these
threats, to predict
when they might
strike so that we
might escape their

but what of the
mass destruction
that looms at the
tips of our
fingers now,

the danger
of human creations
that are less natural
and more disastrous
than any storm or quake
our ancestors
ever faced,

that have caused
greater instant destruction
and more lasting damage
than any Vesuvius
or Mount Saint Helens?

We have never
been able to control
the weather, nor
whether lava flows,
nor whether the
earth shakes

but we have
complete control
over what weapons
are birthed, whether
we make bombs or
build shelter, whether
we plant gardens or
lay landmines.

The earth may
burn, flood, crumble,
but let us not
be the cause.

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