All the writers I read
tell me the things that you
tell us all the time:

Speak truth,
even if it is ugly
or painful or
even offensive

Speak it– write it
because the truth
deserves attention
even when it seems

It is, like most
important work,
easy and difficult
at once.

Cigarette in one
hand and a sweaty
glass of Jack in the other,
the contents of your
pockets carefully arranged
on the table,

you posed those questions
which you always pose
to those who say they
want to be writers:

Why do you want to write?
Why would anyone care?

Taking a sip of my
own whiskey (for courage
or, perhaps, just to stall)

I gave my answers:

I have a story to tell,
I have many stories to tell,

and, the brazen one,
which I know you wanted:

I can tell them well– as well
as anyone who has ever had
their name on a byline and,
likely, better than many of them.

It was a challenge to my
humility to say it, a challenge
to myself to prove it, a challenge
to myself to make good on it.

Accept our truths,
share our truths,
stand behind our truths,

and do not fear them.

So, sir, here’s to another year
of being audacious, fearless,
and, above all, honest.

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  1. i really enjoy your theme right now… it is … lovely… as is this…

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