earth: change, 4

We will find a way.

I believe this
because I must.

I must believe that
we will find a way
to carve paths for
our lives which do
not cause harm
to others.

I have been told
that it is impossible,
that some expense
must always be paid,

that there will
inevitably be blood,

but Alice Walker’s words
flash through my mind,
telling me:

though life as we
know it has indeed
fallen into the pit,

each of us has
knowledge of how
to live life differently
that no one taught us,

and we can find
this knowledge
inside ourselves
and put it
to use.

And there is no
question of whether
another way is possible,

only of whether
we are willing to seek it,
to move toward it,
though our imperfection
might be painful.

We must.

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