earth: meaning

So often, we speak of
our insignificance
in the grand scheme
of the universe

A speck of dust
in the vastness of

It is easy
to get lost
thinking of
how small
we are.

Volumes have
been written to
prove our smallness.

there is more

than the land we stand on
than the sea we swim in
than the sky we fly through

So what is
the universe?

And what do
we mean to it?

Whole volumes have
been written to
attempt to explain it.

What is known:

that we do not know
what our existence means
to the universe, or in any
“grand scheme,”

that what we do
for the duration of our

to those who came before us
to those around us
to those who will come after us.

Let us ponder
our significance
in terms of the universe

Let us live
our significance
to each other.

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