earth: meaning, 4

There is a search for home

for that place which
breathes into us
the inspiration
to live:

A place where
we may set down roots,

A place where
we may spread our leaves,

A place where
we may feed, may drink, may grow.

At times the search
seems ceaseless:

there are brambles, fallen trees, potholes
littering the path between where we are
and where we want to be.

The search sweeps us
from city to city,
country to country,
continent to continent

The search swirls inside us;

it is not only the “where,”
it is the “who.”

Wherever we might look,
wherever we might find
bodily comfort,

it is the soul
that decides.

It is never simply where,
it is also who is there,

and who we are
wherever we are.

Let us set our roots
in those places where
we are most able
to tend our selves
into the selves
we wish to see.

earth: meaning, 3
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