earth: listen, 2

Our music is beautiful:

it can sound like birdsong, mimic thunder,
evoke cascading waterfalls, send
electricity down our spines

With carefully stretched wire and nylon,
lovingly sculpted wood, meticulously
constructed tubes and valves

Our bodies and our breath
are capable of making
such wondrous sounds
sending messages to each
other and the universe

But I am afraid
that as we listen
to ourselves

we will not notice
fewer birds singing
in the morning
until they are gone

we will not hear
our rivers flowing more
slowly until they are dry

we will not hear
the person standing
not far from us who
is open to connection.

Let the music
be music,

let it be pleasure,
not furniture.

earth: listen
earth: listen, 3

One thought on “earth: listen, 2

  1. and without saying it you ask us to listen for the music generated through other fanciful valves and veins coming at us energetically, through the earth. have a beautiful day, you

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