inhabitants, 2

She struggles and revels
with shiny technology
and confused enthusiasts
on the daily

She cannot sleep
until the next line,
next scene is finished

She is searching
for stable footing on
her way out of
an industry

She bears such a
burden on her shoulders
and still her voice
rings out like the flight
of a hummingbird

She cradles her
child to her hip while
she organizes,
challenging convention,
driven love for him
and for the struggle
(it is all for him)

She pulls at our
heartstrings when she sings,
dances ’til dawn, helps
shape young minds
in the morning
there is time
for it all)

She was born and
raised in those hills
before they were
occupied by boutiques,
vegan restaurants,
bohemian bourgeoisie

This city
is full of