a where

This city is

for those who
are endlessly willing
to endlessly search
for places to
find respite
between these
endless miles
of highway

where everyone is
in a hurry to get

and we say that
with sarcasm
in our throats

as though we’ve
forgotten that
those “somewhere”s
that people are trying
to get to

are also ours:

parents’ houses
a community event
an open mic
a favorite restaurant
a lover’s apartment
a park
a museum
a library
a grocery store
a friend’s place
a party
a club
a drag show
a doctor’s appointment
the beach
a diner


and on
and on

we’re all
on our way
to some somewhere,

but that’s nothing
to scoff about
is it?

We’re all on
our way to a where,


we have all
made a where


we have all
found a where


A where
that’s worth
traversing miles
traffic, smog,
just to get

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