whoever you are

The truth–

I want love
as much as
anyone does

I want that quiet
night at home with
a movie and hot cocoa love

I want that
dance ’til dawn then make love
still sweaty from the club love

I want that write
a dozen terrible but heartfelt
poems about you love

I want that wake
up in the morning and
can’t believe I’m next to you love

I want that I can’t
live without you and I’m
not afraid to say it love

I want that ten years
and still bring you
breakfast in bed love

I want that go
anywhere as long as
it’s with you love

I want that love that
people say never lasts
because no one can
keep up that passion love

I want that fearlessly
say forever love

I want that fairy tale
come true love

I want it
as much
as anyone does

I want to make that
life with you but I don’t
want to want you just
because I want to make that life
and you just
happened to be
standing there

I imagine that when
you get here, the truth
will come ringing through
my ears and there will be
no fear, no worry, no doubt

there will just be you

and I’ll know it’s you
because every question
will melt away and I won’t
even think to ask myself
if it’s you

that’s what I want

it’s a lot, maybe

but if it’s you

I won’t wonder if it’s
going to be the kind of love that
I just wrote about love

I’ll just want you.


David Tran aka Applesauce adapted this poem into a song called That Kind of Love.

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  1. I had no idea this was the source of Applesauce’s song! It’s one of my favorite songs and even more so now that I know you’re the writer! <3

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