H is for How

The easiest and most difficult thing in the world is change. To change ourselves, to change the world. To decide that there is something that needs changing. To acknowledge that we mean more to this world than we realize. To remain unjaded by the atrocities we see and look one step beyond the ugliness and see how we might get there. To acknowledge that we are a part of how we might get there.

What might we do differently tomorrow? What might we continue to do tomorrow? What might we feel?

It is easy to sit and think of these things, I suppose. It is easy to say that something matters. It is easy to contemplate the scope and breadth of our effect on this planet without ever taking ownership of our own power, without ever acting. As naive as this may sound, even the thinking has an effect. Has weight. Has an impact that begins with the spark of energy of our thoughts and reverberates through the universe, a spark of energy that reverberated into us from the universe. There is connection and continuity everywhere.

What is the change we are looking for, really? The grander goals always funnel down to a thousand small victories. A man sitting at a counter to demand equal treatment. A mourning crowd saying they will no longer stand abuse. A woman refusing to move from her seat. A kindness shown to someone who has brought you harm. These small victories happen. We must tell each other about them, share them, achieve them together. We have never been, are not, and never will be alone in wanting.