And you really didn’t think it would happen

Torture and cruelty
fists and hatred

a thing of the past, right?

No more police raids on the bars

We can even hold hands
in public if we want,
some places

We don’t have to be
afraid all the time
just weary
some of the time

We just have to
not be in the
wrong place
at the wrong time

But what now?

No safety in
numbers if we’re

Things like this
aren’t supposed to
happen, are never
supposed to happen

So maybe this
was an isolated

Homophobic gang

Here comes

We’ll have to deal
with that, too

Paladino was on TV
doling out

What made us
think that we
were safe on the

And what will
happen to him?

Maybe he
won’t get
more votes
but what he
said about
is on the record now

These 10 men
and their cruelty
they’ll pay for that,
I’m sure.

I wonder
what price
Paladino will pay
for his poison.

I guess
he’ll just
lose an election.