Everywhere there’s trouble

They call us trouble
rabble in the streets
throwing things

they call rebellion ‘rioting’
to make us seem

they use language
to diminish the weight
of poverty, of excess,
of carelessness, of the
saturation of uncaring
that has seeped deeply
into our systems
that has leeched into
the world’s water supply
spreading poisonously
from West to north to south
to further west to east to

We must shut down
the planes, the trains,
the automobiles,
we must shut down
the business as usual
to reveal that ultimately

no matter how convinced
we might be by the myth
that money makes the world
go ’round– it is




human beings who sweat
and laugh
and love
and breathe
and eat
and sleep

who are behind
this world’s turning

Do not call
it a riot

do not call
it senseless

it make
the sense
the world

to fight
to remain


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