calling: soldiers

if we asked you to stop today
if we said that it’s over
that it’s all over and there
will be no more fighting
that the bombs will be dismantled
that the guns will be destroyed
that all the ammunition will
be taken a part and made into fireworks
that there is no need for you to
stand there, in the sun, in your uniform
sweating or freezing
that you can stop
that you can take off your helmets now
that the kevlar vests are unnecessary
that you can go home
that your families have been waiting for you for too long
that we are ready to help you heal your wounds of war
that we will not allow anyone else to go where you have gone
in the way that you have had to go
if we said that there would be no more of this
no more of the fighting and the ugliness
no more of the shooting and the killing
would you believe us?

would you walk away
if you knew
that we would be
proud of you for it?