calling: sacrifice

there must be some forgetting,
there must be some letting go.

we cannot live always as we think
we have always lived–
everything instantaneous,
desires satisfied so quickly that
we spend time inventing new ones
every day to make our eyes
hungry and our pockets empty

we, in the first world,
are technology-soaked,
because we can be
because we think
it doesn’t touch us

i say

let go of that

let go of the
not knowing and
the not wanting to know

let go of the helplessness
let go of the powerlessness

stop sacrificing our souls
for the sake of our comfort

we are stronger together,
when we do not let each
other forget–anything

when we come together
in sorrow and in celebration

when we come together

how magical those words

“we come together”

so much of what we have
is so far from what we need

it would not be sacrifice at all
it would be purging.