In The Year 2112…

There will still be no cure for cancer, the common cold, or wrinkles. Not every child in the world will have a computer. People will still believe they are too thin or too fat.

But a few things will be different.

Only the artists and fanatics will have bags under their eyes from overwork and not enough sleep; the average working person will get enough rest as well as time with their families and friends.

Students will not be expected to spend hours studying for tests for which there is one and only one correct answer per question which determines their future path.

Government fiscal priorities will have shifted from military spending to domestic infrastructure, education, healthcare, and social welfare programs. All densely populated areas will have highly developed, efficient mass transit systems.

Health insurance will no longer exist. Instead, there will be a public healthcare system that provides a holistic approach that emphasizes fitness and nutrition training, with medication as a last resort.

Prisons will have become obsolete due to improvements in the education system, mental health services, and rehabilitation programs.