In The Year 2112… (2)

Bottled water will have gone out of fashion due to public concerns about plastic water bottle manufacturing and the environmental impact of transporting water. All tap water in residential buildings will be safe to drink thanks to stricter regulations on industrial behavior.

Edible plants and fruit-bearing trees will become the norm in public space. Multi-level buildings will be required to provide rooftop space for gardening.

Obesity in westernized nations will decrease as access to affordable, healthful food increases. All students at all levels will take horticulture courses so that they have an understanding to the process by which food is grown. Due to due to evidence of health risks and nutritional deficiencies, high-volume agricultural production will be replaced by small, specialized farms and community gardens.

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  1. narinda, i shaved my head! i’m not sure how best to contact you w/o the fb, so here you go. what an exhilarating experience!! looking forward to more 2012 posts.

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