the trouble with money

i think hard about why
the idea of trying to
“make a lot of money” is so
troubling to me

it seems mad
to have a block against
fathoming a life of
economic prosperity

more dollars and cents
would be good for me,
for my family, for all
whom i love

i kick myself for
not knowing how to
try harder to fit
the common definition
of earning a living


i am supposed
to be doing
the numbers
are supposed
to be bigger

but there’s this
nagging feeling
that i did not
until this morning

and it was this:

i wonder, in the midst
of prospering for the
sake of myself and those
closest to me, about those
who are left behind, those
who are trampled upon–
however unknowingly–


what i want
more than anything
is to travel a path
broad enough for everyone
to walk with me
however slow
the pace may be.