picture of success

my dreams are not filled with best-selling books,
mansions, or the vintage sports car whose picture
i hung upon my wall once upon a time

i don’t imagine high-rise balconies,
room service, limousines, luxury
dinners served on pristine white tablecloths

no more.

what i fantasize about now:

a small cottage with big windows and a modest garden,
maybe a couple of chickens for fresh eggs, a place for
my bicycle, shelves for my favorite books

i dream of neighbors who are friends and friends
who are neighbors, long morning coffee chats,
and languid potluck dinners

most of all, i imagine time,
vast stretches of time, unencumbered

my american dream has nothing to do with conquest
and everything to do with exploration,
with moving slowly and soaking up the world,
with sharing love, connecting, healing

my dream is to be

(i know the dream is not mine alone)

3 thoughts on “picture of success

  1. I really hear your voice in this one. Isn’t it strange that in the U.S., everyone defines success as purely financial, when deep-down, everyone believes that the American Dream is to live in any way that one’s heart desires. In our country, money implies that choice, so we focus on the financial aspect of success, which often makes us lose sight of the true goal. You voiced that disconnect well. :o)

  2. Thanks. :n) At this point, I think that there’s no choice but to go beyond thinking about success in financial terms, because the financial system has become so disconnected from reality. Would love to read a fadebot breakdown of what’s happening in the world right now.

  3. “most of all, i imagine time,
    vast stretches of time, unencumbered”
    I like your dreams. In my youth. A more kind and friendly world. We are rushing and not enjoying the simple and good pleasures. I hope for a similar way of life. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

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