work days

to be a poet
means spending
perfect, sunny

watching the world
from behind big windows
bathed in the glow
of a computer screen
trying not to be hypnotized
by clouds’ moving across the sky
while trying to make sense
of the words drifting
in and out of place

and sometimes
to be a poet
means letting go
of all the words

and just
going the fuck

3 thoughts on “work days

  1. Love it.

    A very compassionate, but very true stance.

    And it reminds me of all these bureau-bound poets who write undisciplined, soulless ‘haiku’
    unaware that the best ones
    come from long or short walks
    and real encounters with nature.

      1. Hello Chris, thanks for stopping by and for asking. I’ve responded to you via email with chapbook purchase info. Really appreciate your support.

        I think poetry is a mixture between breathing in life, and then sitting down (somewhere, anywhere) to actually exhale those things into words. And “breathing in life” looks different for different people. Sometimes, for me, it also looks like chaining myself to a bureau. :n)

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