what does it matter
if the world knows your name
if you are lost
to yourself?

this is where
we are now

we can spread our
names, our thoughts,
our loves, our anger
all across the internet
meet a billion
different eyes

but when i look in
the mirror, i see
a reflection of memories
that seem projected
through a foreign lens

framed in the bland
pale blue of social media
sites where i’ve learned
to store love for years

(now it feels
beyond the reach
of my heart)

what i am saying is
i am tired of thinking about
how to get more eyes
on my poetry, to get
more money for my words
i am tired of wondering
where i might go to
find more people to listen

all i want is to have
love within reach
an ear to bring my lips to
i want to share breath
along with the words
i want to be embraced
and to embrace back
not just be heard

i do not want fame
i want touch

we are far
too far