longer cooler nights
invite me to the writing

in a dark room
this bright white screen
drowns out all else

i do not know
what to write about tonight

mind churns
looking for themes

my shortened attention span
grasps at fragments

poems i want to write
but do not sit still
long enough to catch

mind turning over
visions of other
possible realities

imagining fruit trees
for every season

walking along streets
banked with snow
fingers cold
toes tingling

wondering about hot dusty roads
and air conditioned cafes

there is something brewing,
she said

something big is on the way,
he told me

i don’t know what it is

there are words
there have always been
there always will be

with questions:
which ones to share
and which ones to caste forth
who to send them to
and who to hide them from

there are always words
and there is always winter
beckoning with a promise
a wondering

of how to find warmth

it is autumn now
a time for falling

learn to open again
learn to invite

remember what it is
to bask in heat
to cast it
back and forth

in words
in the dark