oakland, 10 (first sick time)

day turned into evening
as i lay coughing and tossing and turning
sleeping through fever dreams

walked into the kitchen
groggy, face hot, confused
gratefully accepted a hot bowl of soup

i no longer kid myself
about preferring solitary living.

2 thoughts on “oakland, 10 (first sick time)

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you live with compassionate folks who will take care of a sick roommate. I agree – at first I was stubborn about moving in with my bf. Now I am so grateful for the company and support. <3 Feel better soon!

    1. Fadebot and I have talked about how being second generation means we have a stronger connection to the village life, and a stronger yearning to live in community. Growing up with aunts and uncles and relatives all around, the concept of living in a more nuclear family setting was novel to me. Now it seems kind of lonely. I always think how nice it would be to be neighbors with all my loved ones.

      …then I move away. Oh, contradictions, eh? :n)

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