it seems i was not
meant to experience
a wet winter
this year, either

last year
i spent december
and january
treading dust
fourteen hours ahead
of california
sweating at night
scratching mosquito bites
waiting for the cool winds
to finally fall
a few glorious 75 degree nights
were all i got

this year
i expected
more wet

i bought my
first pair of
rain-pants in
anticipation of
bay area rain

became anxious
about the lack
of fenders on my bike

remembered with
fondness the
torrential december in LA
when i biked
in rush hour traffic
along jefferson boulevard
arrived at work
soaked from thigh to toes
made the space heater
under my desk work hard
to dry my pants by lunchtime
how i endured a month of
wet socks and shoes,
i’m not sure

and here, now that i am
a little wiser and a bit
more sensible and
have a somewhat shorter

california is
all dried up

the sun’s heat
devours morning clouds

and i am thinking
of all the reasons
it is terrible that
there is no rain

but memories of
san julian street
between fifth
and eighth

where the rain meant
quieter, calmer walks
between buildings
but so many more
people shivering

make me a little bit
thankful that
it is unseasonably dry
unseasonably warm

though the next
weeks and months
and more

are worrisome

it’s worth seeking
some solace
in the immediate


the earth never
promised us

and what
have we done lately
to earn it?