the earth,
even with its infinite
array of stories,
all of the microbes and
flora and fauna,
is still
such a small place
and each of us
but a small bit of it
in the vastness
of this planet
this universe

we tiny things,
each of our own
time and place
born from different bodies
in different lands

we each bear
our own sufferings
and struggles, awakenings
and pleasures,
each of us carry
different scars

yet we find one another
we connect
we become entwined,
at times, entangled
sometimes we are braids
sometimes we are knotted

no matter how
we may feel we are dangling
alone, pulled to and fro by
an unkind and unpredictable wind,

it is inescapable
that we are not
drifting in space

we are attached to a beginning
however much we may
seem to sway alone

we are held

we are anchored
to one another

and though
we may never
be infinite as the universe

we can be
so immense
in our togetherness.

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