of holding

the fear of having
because to have means
there is the danger
of losing

so it is better
to simply let go

not to hold on to
that which might fall,
might wilt, might someday
be torn away

to expect an end, a
disappearance, a
changing of course,

because the wind always
changes– that is the nature
of the wind

the nature of branches
is to sway with it,
the nature of leaves is
to fall from branches,
the nature of earth
is to absorb the leaves

decay is not to be feared;
worms and microbes wriggle
eagerly to feast upon what
has been dropped, lost, forgotten,
they exist because
death exists

beginnings exist
because endings exist

all that we’ve ever begun
we owe to some ending
all that we’ve been
all that we’ll be

let’s not be
distracted or distressed
by such simple inevitabilities