motion, 10

handwriting can’t
keep up with typing fingers
but the mind can’t keep up
with roving eyes or
hands which have become
adept at almost unconsciously
clicking links, opening new tabs,
finding ever-expanding
sources of stimulation

attention wanders swiftly from
this bit to that byte
multiple trains of thought
collide as they fight
for the same track

my concentration isn’t
quite what it used to be
even when there is only a
blank sheet of paper
and pen in front of me–
even with all the electronics
off, my hands and eyes
wander to objects in my vicinity,
leafing through books, lighting incense,
shuffling magazines

and so i’m drawn to activities that
keep my hands busy and dirty:
rocks, dough, clay,
things which make it hard
to reach for distraction
and maybe it will help my
head relearn what it is like
to focus, slow down, be still,
coax forth those torrents
of words which no longer
flow so easily.