presence, 2

I am re-learning how to ride a bicycle. Learning to be less hurried as I push the pedals. Trying to put less stress on my knees and ankles. I’ll get there when I get there and I’m going to be late whether I’m stressed out on this ride or not, so I might as well not stress.

I’m learning to take in Oakland as I have to admit I haven’t been. On New Year’s Eve, I wondered aloud whether I’d ever feel the same sense of discovery and delight here as I felt in Los Angeles. And I knew that I couldn’t– I was a different person then, looking for different things. Looking for all the wrong things in all the right places.

I am remembering to see what is here. The beauty of it. The beauty that I can be a part of. The beauty that I might leave, but not so soon. The beauty that I am moving toward.

I don’t know how far my feet, my bicycle, my car, my heart will take me. Anyway, I’ll get there when I get there. I’ll be here while I am here.


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