I like using superstition to explain why I am the way I am. When I was born. Where I was born. Sun sign, rising sign, moon sign. What animal year. What day of the week. What season it was.

The week that I was born, “We Are The World” by USA for Africa was at the top of the Billboard’s number one. It was number one for the next three weeks as well. I imagine I heard that song a lot during my first weeks of life.

Does this have something to do with my optimism, my compulsion to gather up groups of people, my affection for ensemble music and my eclectic aural tastes?

When I found out about the song, I thought, wryly, Of course, of course it would be such a cheesy song. I am prone to cheese. I spent my early twenties trying hard not to be. But I have to admit that I am like a brie, softer and more oozy with age. And I don’t mind it anymore.