what they tell us

gets us into
raises the hairs
on the backs of our necks
and pump the adrenaline
through our veins

about traffic
tech events
lottery jackpots

and every day

there are people
still without homes
or soon to be pushed
out of the ones they have

there are still
bodies being thrown
to the ground
unjustly by police

there are still
women fighting for
the right to control
their own bodies

there are still
children being told
to reach for the stars
while being held under
glass ceilings

we’re used to
the rhythm of the news now
we get taken up
we get taken down
our moods are
well accustomed
to swinging

we swing
until we’re numb

3 thoughts on “what they tell us

  1. thank you for the truths, as hard and as difficult as they are to wake up to day after day, with seemingly no end in sight,,,good work (as always!)

    1. thank you! some days it is motivating to think about, some days it is not. i have hope that “all things must end” applies to the bad as well as the good.

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