g o

to people of color who want to spend time outdoors

you deserve this
you deserve
to go to the woods for a hike
to go to a river for a paddle
to go to the crag for a climb

to go jump in the ocean
to go play in mountain snow

to spend a few hours
or a few precious days
or a few precious weeks

to not hear the latest news
to not learn of the latest atrocity immediately

you are allowed to not be connected
to the pain in this world
all the time
you are allowed to seek
quiet and healing spaces

to succumb to the urge
to be with the earth
to allow weather to challenge
and heal us

to be reminded that our bodies and our spirits
have knowledge and memory of joy and oneness

that we can honor trauma
and move past it

allow yourself breath

let fresh air
clean water
open space
dark skies
rekindle our cellular memory
of connecting to the earth

our recreation
is part of

of creating
a world
more just
more livable.

from my chapbook ‘why don’t we know each other’ (2017)