Narinda Heng

Photo by Allison Santos and Grant Komjakraphan

I am a queer, Khmer American woman currently based in Oakland, CA. I grew up in Southern California, specifically Bellflower, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana.

I earned a BA in English Literature with a minor in Comparative Literature from UC Irvine in 2007, then moved to Los Angeles, where I lived until 2012.

I began Long Cool Hallway while part of an online writers workshop and community called The Undeniables (2008-2011).

Some of my preoccupations as a writer are: community, love, Khmer American identity, queer identity, family, the immigrant experience, the second-generation experience, and justice. I’ve also written quite a bit about Los Angeles.

Aside from writing, I am an outdoor educator, rock climber, and potter.

My writing is in these collections:
I AM HUNGRY Zine by Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 2016
Eleven Eleven Issue 19 edited by Hugh Behm-Steinberg, 2015
February 2011 Writing Collection by Women’s Creative Collective, 2011
{ who the hell do we think we are? } by The Undeniables, 2009

I’ve made six chapbooks:
why don’t we know each other (December 2017)
make / mend (December 2016)
from somewhere along the way (December 2015)
what is precious (December 2014)
earth things (December 2013)
of cities and lovers (July 2012)*
Tracing Steps (March 2010)*

*Available as audiobooks.

You can find my chapbooks in my online shop.

My Q&A at International Examiner.
I was an Angry Reader of the Week.
An Ideological Mess or: How I Learned to Not Stop Worrying and Still Love Rock Climbing
I keep a blog called Transitional Zone, co-produced That’s What She Said Web Seriestweet, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

Books I’ve read since 2009.

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