What I Carry on an Outdoor Adventure

Essay for Bay Nature, August 2020. I am an outdoor educator, most often, a backpacking and rock climbing instructor. Whether it’s a week-long trip or a twenty-four day trip, I am most nervous meeting students for the first time. That is when I am most aware of potential judgments based on my being small, Khmer,… Continue reading What I Carry on an Outdoor Adventure

writing prompt for nonblack folks

yellow text saying #BlackLivesMatter above and below a writing prompt in white text (in post)

We are coalescing with the energy of so many other people, not only across the U.S., but globally around the movement for Black Lives. Along with protests, solidarity posts, and donations, there is also quieter work to do-- the work of unraveling the thoughts, behaviors, and actions that reinforce the conditions that necessitate this uprising.I… Continue reading writing prompt for nonblack folks

w e   f i n d

https://soundcloud.com/longcoolhallway/we-find we are from different homelands,members of multiple diaspora--home, heart, ancestry we search fornourishmentin old placesand new resign ourselvesto the realitythat we will alwayshave certainhollows in ourbellies or our heartsfor the sakeof filling certain needs. we celebrate that howeverour tides may change,we find waysto ride the wavestoward one another, and when we share spaceand time--… Continue reading w e   f i n d