Dear Sally, Right now Chrissy is on a plane back to Los Angeles. Having her come out here was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. I suppose I deserve at least the discomfort after the way I left things with her. I felt like I just had to get out of there. … Continue reading ending


Dear Chrissy, Were you really after my heart? Were you really trying to give me yours? I felt like you were just trying to catch me. But maybe I need to rethink that. Maybe... maybe you were just looking and hoping for the chance for that exchange. Maybe you thought it might be possible. We … Continue reading goal


Dear Sally, The nights of sitting at home alone, eating all of your leftover bits and pieces are over. I can't go on doing that. Today I was walking down Broadway, just wandering around under the shadows of the old theaters. Latin music blared into the street from the stores that spilled out into the … Continue reading release