Dear Sally, I want to feel more guilty about this connection I have with Alicia. To react to someone so strongly after failing to find that connection with Chrissy... I feel like most people would think there's something off about it. Yet, I can't muster up guilt about it. Was there anything I could have … Continue reading glitch


Dear Sally, I know that at some point, I'll have to come back to Los Angeles. I want to stay here, far away from everything, for as long as possible. With her. Liana.


Dear Chrissy, I'm not sure I will ever get used to the way you spill to me. It's so unexpected, considering I know that there's at least a part of you that sees me as a flighty, frivolous girl. Your friends see me that way, too. And well, maybe I am, but I am okay … Continue reading incomprehension


Dear Sally, Alicia's a curious one. Somehow, in nearly the same breath, I told her that I tend to be a very private person and proceeded to go on about how terrible I feel about Chrissy. How did she do that? I just spilled to her, so easily, after spending so little time together. Does … Continue reading divulge