flight, 6

2002 Pacific Ocean I returned to my seat and found my grandmother rummaging through her slah and mahlu kit. “Yey pbanh samrahn klah thdei?” I asked. Were you able to sleep at all? “Luh thda ndik thdei, chauw,” she answered. Slept just a little bit, grandchild.  She placed her betel nut bundle in her mouth. … Continue reading flight, 6

flight, 5

2002 Pacific Ocean “Oh,” I said dumbly, “that sucks.” Did that mean she was dating a woman? I was not sure whether this might be an opportunity to disclose about myself. That I had dated a woman before, and that my dad had found out. I had never met another Khmer girl who liked girls. … Continue reading flight, 5

sand, 3

1999 Southern California There was likely more that my father wanted to say about Lana being there. The fact that he didn’t say anything was an indication to me that whatever was going on with my grandmother was serious. “Okay, I’ll be out in a second,” I said. Lana had pulled on her shorts. She … Continue reading sand, 3

sand, 2

1999 Southern California “Sophie? Finished studying, finally? Cleaun thdei, kohn?” My dad called from the living room. Are you hungry, child? He always asked whether I were hungry. That was the Khmer equivalent of “How are you?” and “I love you.” “No,” I called back to him, “Lana’s here, we’re going to study some more.” … Continue reading sand, 2