Mel stood up. She took the plate with the half-eaten sandwich and pulled plastic wrap over it. "Let's go for a walk." "Right now? I've been walking around all day." I looked at the floor as she looked at me, her brows furrowed at me. "Alright." And so we put our coats on and walked … Continue reading Circle.


Sometimes we have to reinvent history to prepare ourselves for the future. We have to reinvent our pasts, to alter our memories in order to cope with the present and the possible futures. Memory becomes hazy to protect our hearts. So there was not as much love as we thought there was. There was not … Continue reading Invention.


I didn't understand what was happening. Reality escapes, slips away, so easily. I realized I was hungry. I looked around the kitchen. There was only Mel. Standing there. "I'm hungry." "Oh, alright. Let me fix you something. Sandwich?" She stood. "You don't really have a choice." I didn't know what to make of the ease … Continue reading Asked.