about love

Love. It's hard to stop talking, thinking, listening, writing about it. Directly or indirectly. We talk, think, listen, write about why it consumes us, why it is important, why it is not important, how it is over-discussed, how it is over-looked, how it drives us, how we feel about it, how we feel about feeling … Continue reading about love


My first trip to Cambodia was in July 2004. I had just finished my first year of college as a commuter student and was preparing to move into near-campus housing as soon as we returned. I suppose that it's fitting that I spent a solid four weeks with family before the distance that would stretch … Continue reading priorities


Grandmother B had a shrine with Chinese characters in it. I had no idea what she was praying to, I only knew that this meant something to her. When Grandmother H passed away, we had to light incense for her. Two sticks, red wood at the ends, goldenrod incense on the rest of the stick. … Continue reading worship