eating habits

I can't seem to stop thinking about food when I think about my family. I remember my childhood in flavors. With Uncle R, I think of salads. Uncooked ramen noodles substituting for croutons, iceberg lettuce, and thousand island dressing. Ground beef sauteed with packets of taco seasoning with tortilla chips and tossed with lettuce and … Continue reading eating habits


My Uncle P is a mechanic. I have never seen him purchase a new car. This makes sense; he knows how cars work, how to make them run, how to fix and maintain them. He doesn't need to buy a new car-- he knows how to make any car run like new. I have never … Continue reading used


At ten years old, I was an impetuous, petulant tomboy. I argued with my parents, didn't clean my room, went gallivanting around the neighborhood on my rollerblades. My first encounter with in-line skates was at a cousin's house in Riverside. She had the kind that snapped onto your shoes, and I was hooked. When I … Continue reading injury